Innovative sports betting software

for the next generation of big bookmakers

Excluding the US, the global online sports betting market was estimated to be worth €10.5bn in gross gaming revenue (‘GGY’) in 2012, an increase of 8.7% on the prior year. This growth is forecast to continue, with the market worth an estimated €12.9bn by 2015
— Source: H2 Gambling Capital, February 2013


BETTING’s is a next-generation Swiss gaming supplier founded in 2008. Our philosophy is based on a commitment to achieve excellence by providing bookmakers with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art applications in the industry. We perform extensive daily research on the market, analyze new features and technology, and implement them to grow our software – resulting in a dynamic platform after four years of continuous development.

Our Sports Betting Solutions


Sports Betting Platform

Sports Betting Platform is a core BETTINGs product family.  It provides reliable backend system for all our sports betting products.


Online Sportsbook Software

    BETTING’s has to offer the software which contains all the necessary tools and features to stay ahead of the competition in the online sports betting business

Betting Exchange Software

 Everything needed to start from the ground up  a modern bookmaker model without the operational risk. Charge your players a "rake" for using the service.


Betting Shops and Kiosks

For the traditional betting shops around the world, we offer cost-effective, secure and reliable product. Quick and easy setup and support.

Mobile Betting Apps

Our easy-to-use, ergonomic mobile applications  provide optimized and intuitive inetrfaces for the most practical betting experience.


Live Betting Software

Constant improvements aimed at ensuring immediate and timely data updates – the key factor influencing security and stability of any live betting systems